We valorize your products

We recycle obsolete or unusable products with the following characteristics:

  • End of life or new passed over
  • Bulk or in the original packaging
  • Manufactured for the last 3 years (according to the date code)
  • Type of products we recycle and valorize:
    - ADSL modems (ADSL box, Triplay, Multiplay, Wifi, …) and ADSL routers
    - PCI and mini-PCI cards: Wifi cards, flash memories
    - PCMCIA electronic cards: Wifi, Ethernet and miscellaneous cards (graphic, audio / video)
    - Videophones, mobile / cellular phones, blackberry
    - USB accessories: USB keys, dongles, Wifi keys, flash memories
    - Bluetooth: cards, modules, adapters, mini PCI cards
    - Equipments and accessories for networks and routers
    - Small displays and monitors (GPS…)
    - Miscellaneous accessories (supply cable, transformer, adapter, ADSL filter…)
    - Decoders and digibox / freebox (satellite, TNT, cable…)

    and specific products upon request




"The secret of modern industry lies in an intelligent use of waste" (R. Lewis)