Our services, your solution !

VALOREMA offers you a global solution for the recycling of your electronic products, in full compliance with the regulation in force (WEEE Directive N°2002/96/CE from 27.01.2003)

Collection and transport

  • We can take away your products and coordinate the full transportation process through our specialized team
  • You can also organize yourself the transport of your goods with your usual partners

Sorting and recycling

  • Our qualified team dismantles all products according to a validated procedure
  • We sort the various materials (plastics, metals, paper, cardboard, cd…) and forward them to the recycling channels of our certified partners

Valorization of electronic components

  • We carefully disassemble the various components of electronic cards (memory, processor, integrated circuit, BGA…)
  • These components are controlled, cleaned and reconditioned (sorted in boxes, in plastic trays or in belts)
  • They are reused by manufacturers of new electronic goods (as refurb) or by maintenance centers (refurbishment)



"The secret of modern industry lies in an intelligent use of waste" (R. Lewis)